Listed below are the instructions on how to sync SharePoint libraries you have access to within your organization to your computer using the Outlook desktop application.

1. Open the Outlook desktop application on your computer.

2. On the left side of the screen, there should be a list of items within the account.  Please click on "Groups" to expand the groups you are a member of.

3. Once expanded, you should be able to see the groups available to you.  Please select the group you are trying to sync to your computer.

4. On the top bar within the Outlook desktop application there will be a button for SharePoint files.  Clicking this will open the SharePoint web application for the selected SharePoint site/document library.

5. There is a bar above the items in the document library that has items like New, Upload, Quick Edit, and Sync.  Please click on "Sync".

6. Your browser will prompt you with a question asking if you would like to open the link with OneDrive.  Please select the affirmative option.

7. Your library should now start syncing.

If this guide does not answer your questions or if you are unable to sync your libraries, please call support at 516 210 6400.