In order to follow the instructions here, you must first visit the walk-through at to get to your SharePoint library.

To access files:

You can access files directly from SharePoint in the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to eliminate sync issues that can be common when accessing files that are being used by a large amount of users or may be frequently accessed from areas with poor internet connections.  You will just click any docx, xlsx, or pptx file and it will open in the corresponding application.

Excel - xlsx

PowerPoint - pptx

Word - docx

To create files:

You can create files directly in the selected SharePoint library simply by clicking "New" and selecting the type of file, or folder, you want to create.  You can then edit those files directly in the web application following the instructions above.

To upload files:

You can upload files that were edited on your PC to SharePoint so other members of your team can view and collaborate with you.  Simply click "Upload" and choose the file that you want to upload from your local directory.


Most errors occur when files are edited offline, or the OneDrive application on your computer has closed unexpectedly.  In order to solve these issues you can first go to your start menu, scroll down to OneDrive, and click it, to ensure OneDrive is running.  

Second, you can look on the bottom right corner of your screen near your system tray to see if there is a red "x" or circle with an "x" inside of it indicating there is a sync error.  

Typically, if there is an issue, you can view the specific reason why simply by clicking on that OneDrive shortcut (blue cloud) in the system tray near the clock.  If there is an issue merging changes, it is usually because there was a change made to the file while it was offline and it needs permission to merge the files.

If there are any issues or questions, please reach out to schedule a time we can walk you through these processes at