We are configuring Office 365 accounts to use Multi-Factor Authentication when accessing Office 365 which includes Email,Sharepoint,OneDrive,Office Apps, etc.  Multi-factor authentication involves something you know (your username and password) and something you have (your mobile device).


The whole purpose of MFA is to provide a 2nd level of protection from unauthorized access to your company accounts. If an unauthorized party tries to login to your account, they'd need more than just your password in order to do so thus, maintaining security of your account.


You will need to download the Microsoft Authenticator application for your smartphone from your device’s app store.



Please download this app before continuing:


Apple Store Link: Apple Store Click Here 

Google Play Link: Google Play Click Here 


Or just type “Microsoft Authenticator” in the browser window. 

If prompted to allow application permissions for Notification and Camera, select allow.


Office 365 Enrollment:


Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication has been enabled on your Office 365 account.  To get started, please click on the following link:




  1. Login as usual with your email address and password like below,



2. Once you log in you will be prompted to setup your Multi-factor authentication.  Click on next now:



3. Now as shown below, under “How should we contact you?” Click on the drop-down arrow and Select Mobile App 



4. Select "Receive notifications for verification" and click setup.




5.  You will now be shown a window just like below, keep this window open on your computer now on your cell phone open the new Microsoft Authenticator app you installed and move onto step 5.


Please note, you are not scanning the barcode in the image above, you are scanning the barcode on the website!

6. When you first open the mobile app, hit skip until you land at the screen that looks like the picture below. Hit Add Account.



7. Hit work or school account next



8. Now scan the barcode on your computer screen with your phone.



9. Now you’ll see your account listed in the app with a 6-digit number under it that changes every 30 seconds. That 6-digit number can be ignored for now. On the app side, you’re now good to go!


10. You will then be prompted to verify registration using the Microsoft Authenticator App. The App will provide a 6 digit code that changes every 30 seconds. Hit Next as shown in the following screenshot.


11. Now enter the verification code that appears in the app. Then hit Verify



12. Enter a backup phone number (aka your cell phone number).  This will be used to authenticate you if you do not have access to your mobile app. Click Next/Done and then if asked, hit Done once more.





13. Once MFA has been setup, your Microsoft Outlook on your Mac or PC in the next few hours will prompt you to enter your credentials and authenticate you via your Authenticator App.  Same case goes for OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. It will prompt you as well. You’ll get a box in the middle of the screen asking you to login. 


The following screen will pop-up, enter your password and then check your mobile device for the approval prompt (notification). Once approved you are done!


Feel free to hit the “Don’t ask again for 30 days” if device you are signing into is the device you use daily.



Any questions or concerns please reach out to the LI Tech Support Team at any time via email support@litech.solutions or via phone at 516-210-6400.